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Thomas Gehrmann | Chiropractor Treatment Guide

Most people think chiropractic treatment is only helpful in healing aching backs. No doubt chiropractic most often used for treating complaints of the back and neck, but it works on all bones and joints of the body. These including the arms, legs and jaw, even symptoms produced by bones in the ears can also treat by chiropractic.

Chiropractic treatment that you may not know with Thomas Gehrmann, Colorado Springs Chiropractor.


BPPV is considered as one of the most common causes of dizziness and vertigo-type symptoms. According to experts including Thomas Gehrmann, Colorado Springs Chiropractor, it is usually caused by debris in the semicircular canals of the ear. In simple words, BPPV typically involves sudden events of dizziness that remain for 10-20 seconds after a change in the position of the head. People usually experience this type of vertigo when going from bending forward to lying to sitting to rolling over in bed or even just moving the head. You may find various repositioning exercises that can help in the debris and relieve the symptoms, but the specialist will recommend such therapy only after the diagnosis. Therefore, when you find such a symptom, it is advisable to get a complete examination before starting therapy. It will help you in getting better and which results from the chiropractic treatment.

2. CTS

When we talk about CTS condition, you will find numbness, tingling, and other symptoms in the hands. Usually, the reason behind this problem is a compressed median nerve in the wrist. Continuous hand motions or positions, for instance, bad biomechanics while typing, possibly bring swelling and inflammation at the wrist and sometimes irritation of the nerve. You may experience repetitive numbness or tingling that becomes more consistent over time as a most common symptom. Practitioner suggests an evaluation test to confirm CTS. Possibly there will be many different types of tests that may include orthopedic tests, a nerve conduction test, etc. Once the diagnosis CTS, he will suggest and perform a chiropractic adjustment of the wrist says Thomas Gehrmann.

3. Ear Issues Can Be Treated Using Chiropractic Treatment

Sometimes when you deal with an illness or infection, fluid gets stuck in the middle ear cavity and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and/or viruses. In most cases, chronic ear infections typically trouble children at a younger age. In such a situation, doctors recommend an examination, which helps in observing the eardrum, to find out if there is fluid buildup in the middle ear. And if the fluid is there, this is possible because of tight muscles which surround the Eustachian tube. It is basically a canal that connects and make drainage possible. When it comes to improving drainage, it is possible with conservative techniques of Chiropractor that help in relaxing the muscles, hence opening the Eustachian tube.

Final Thoughts

Not only this, chiropractic treatment useful in many other cases as well. The actual benefit of chiropractic treatment is possible when you approached the licensed chiropractor with a good number of experiences like Thomas Gehrmann. Because they offer you treatment only after your proper examination and evaluation. If you have anything to ask or share regarding chiropractic treatment and symptoms, you can write below in the comment box.

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Recovery using Chiropractic after Car Accident

Thomas Gehrmann | Recovery from Car Accident Using Chiropractic Care

“Following a car accident, the bones of the spine may shift out of their original position or lose their normal motion, in what’s called vertebral subluxation complex,” says Colorado Springs’ chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann. This condition is characterized by a set of signs and symptoms that affect the spinal column. Histopathology is one of its five major interrelated components, and it occurs when a person’s body temperature rises due to an increase in lymph and blood supplies. As a result, inflammation and swelling occur, causing discs to rip, project, herniate or depreciate.

According to Colorado Springs chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann, the individual may experience the following symptoms after a car accident:

  • Pain and discomfort
  • Loss of mobility
  • Degradation of the spine
  • Scar tissue

How Does the Lymphatic System Work?

The lymphatic system is a subdivision of the circulatory system, and it consists of lymph vessels, lymph nodes and lymph (translucent fluid containing white blood cells). The lymph vessels transport lymph throughout the body, allowing the white blood cells it contains to fight off foreign substances and rid the body of toxins and waste.

Lymph flows in one direction — up toward the neck — and within its own system. It travels into the venous blood stream via the subclavian veins (located on the sides of the neck). Plasma, the yellow liquid component of the blood, distributes nutrients and removes waste, before leaving the blood cells and going back to the venous circulation system where it will continue on as venous blood. That which does not leave becomes lymph. It too makes its departure, leaving the tissue and entering the lymphatic system throughout lymphatic capillaries.

Histopathology and the Lymphatic System / Venous System

Thomas Gehrmann notes that after a car accident or other trauma, if the spinal bones lose their natural motion and position (spinal kinesiopathology):

  • The muscles of the spine can weaken, atrophy or stiffen, causing them to spasm. Over time, scar tissue can develop, changing the individual’s muscle tone. This is known as myopathology.
  • Delicate nerve tissue can become chocked, stretched or irritated, leading to nerve system dysfunction (neuropathophysiology).
  • Bony growths may attempt to fuse defective spinal joints, which can cause the spine to decay, scar tissue to form and nerve malfunction (pathophysiology).

“In these instances, the body may react to these traumas by increasing its blood and lymph supplies,” says Thomas Gehrmann. “This is how the body reacts to the perceived threat. However, this excess in blood and lymph supplies can have adverse effects. Beyond causing the body temperature to rise, the discs of the spine can become inflamed and swell. As a consequence, they may protrude, tear, herniate or deteriorate.”

How Chiropractic Treatment Can Help After Car Accident

According to Thomas Gehrmann, your chiropractor may first choose to perform spinal adjustments after car accident to get the spine back into alignment and free trapped nerves. This may not only reduce pain and restore mobility, but could allow the lymph and venous system to reduce its supplies since the trauma is no longer considered a threat that needs to be corrected.

Some spinal adjustment techniques may include, but are not limited to:

  • Toggle drop. With hands crossed, the chiropractor gives a firm press to the spine, and then adds a rapid thrust.
  • Release work. Using the fingertips, gentle pressure is applied to help separate vertebrae that have become connected or fused.
  • Lumbar roll. With the patient on their side, the chiropractor applies a swift thrust to the area of misalignment, with the goal being to place the vertebrae in their rightful position.
  • Table adjustments. The patient lies on a table that has sections that drop down. A rapid thrust is employed by the chiropractor, causing parts of the table to release and drop. When the patient’s body drops down with the table, the table comes to a stop but the patient’s body remains in motion temporarily. The combination of the thrust, drop and continued motion are designed to help the spine align.

“Once the spine has been realigned, your chiropractor may then implement soft tissue work to loosen the muscles around the spine and push fluid out of inflamed and swollen areas due to car accident,” says Thomas Gehrmann.

If you are suffering from vertebral subluxation complex, talk to your chiropractor about what he or she can do to help treat your condition and relieve your symptoms.


Thomas Gehrmann has also been a licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs, Colorado since the fall of 1999. For more information visit his website at

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prevent osteoarthritis

Thomas Gehrmann CO | Chiropractor Remedies for Osteoarthritis

Physical health issues are increasing nowadays and no doubt it all because of unhealthy habits. Most people often neglect their diet and physical activities, which result in many different issues and osteoarthritis is one of them. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of arthritis, affects individuals of almost all ages. It mostly found in older people above 65 years of age, especially in women.

Osteoarthritis is a kind of arthritis that damage the cartilage that mainly protects the joints from friction and constant wear and tear. Although this degenerative disease reduces mobility with time, according to experts including Thomas Gehrmann, CO Chiropractor, it can be controlled by following a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Let’s find out how dietary changes can support osteoarthritis knee pain with the expert Thomas Gehrmann, Chiropractor from Colorado Springs

1. Do not cook meats at a high temperature

According to experts including Thomas Gehrmann, if you cook meats at extreme temperatures, for example on a grill, may produce inflammation-causing elements known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs). These elements increase the risk of diseases such as arthritis, cancer, and diabetes. Also, experts suggest decreasing the consumption of processed, ready-to-eat meats, as they may also be prepared at high temperatures.

2. Prefer more olive oil for cooking

A component name Oleocanthal is found in olive oil, which is helpful in decreasing inflammation. Most people may not know that around 3 to 4 tablespoons of olive oil are capable enough to provide the same pain-relief as 200 milligrams of ibuprofen. However, this much consumption of olive oil is not recommended as it may consist of too many calories. Better if you use it in place of other fats like butter or margarine.

3. Increase your vitamin C intake to prevent osteoarthritis

increase vitamin c intake to prevent osteoarthritis

Vitamin C not only boosts immunity but also helps in maintaining healthy levels of collagen and connective tissues, which are essential for healthy joints. You can include food items like citrus varieties, strawberries, and kale in your regular diet as they are rich in vitamin C.

4. Include more fruits and vegetables to your diet

use more fruits and vegetables

Doctors suggest to include most vegetables and fruits in a diet that contain antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals as they provide various benefits to the body and bones. Furthermore, food items like onions, apples, and berries helpful in reducing osteoarthritis knee pain.

5. Include omega-3 fatty acids to stop osteoarthritis from progressing

inlude omega 3 fatty acid

According to Thomas Gehrmann, omega-3 fatty acids are essential to our body as it supports joint health and helpful in reducing joint inflammation and stiffness. To increase the intake of omega-3s you can include varieties of fish like tuna, mackerel, sardines or you can opt for supplements.

Final Thoughts

Thomas Gehrmann says, not only following a diet can save you from diseases like osteoarthritis, physical activities like exercise are also necessary. Maintaining a healthy weight can reduce the tension on your already impacted knees. So, it is advisable to follow a healthy diet, eat in control, and track your calories, exercise. In case you still find any pain or difficulty, get an evaluation from the expert chiropractor.

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hip pain

Thomas Gehrmann Colorado | 5 Ways to Relieve Hip Pain

While you are bearing severe hip pain from arthritis, it’s obvious that climbing and bending can become difficult. Moreover, walking will be tough that will surely make everything worse. Thankfully, from such muscle strains to arthritis and inflammatory disorders, all of these causes of hip pain are rectified. Thomas Gehrmann a Chiropractor from Colorado Springs, says one can restore mobility and get ease from hip pain even with daily working out.

Thomas Gehrmann have underlined some simple, no-cost ways to relieve hip pain

1. Using Heat for Arthritis

heating hip joint

One way of getting comfort from hip pain is by heating up the arthritic hip joint. You can do this easily by taking a bath or a hot shower that can soothe your joints. But, never apply much heat, if the pain is due to bursitis. It is the inflammation of the joint lining, on which heat can make inflammation worse. It is easily cured just by warming up the joints with low heat.

2. Regular Exercise

hip pain exercises

According to Colorado Springs Chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann, daily workout is a way of getting the muscles working, engaged and activated that will help in their proper alignment. One can go for Buttocks off exercise that proves best for relieving hip pain and relaxes the body. Start with lying on the back with feet flat on the floor and hip-width apart. Now, press down your ankles and raise the buttocks off the floor and hold this position from five to seven seconds. It usually starts with a set of ten and builds up to three sets.

3. Stretching

stretching to avoid hip pain

Stretching here refers to kneeling on the leg that causes hip pain or carrying on to something bulky for balance. It can get one relief by stretching up to the hip muscles and comfort the pain from bursitis. Lean away from the side of the hip that is paining and stretch from the top to the knee and relax. Try holding the stretch for about 20 seconds and repeat it in four to five sets.

Doing this can instantly ease hip pain and get you in a correct posture, said by Thomas Gehrmann.

4. Avoid Heavy Workout

Exercising can definitely help to cure hip pain, but one should opt for a lighter one. A little movement is needed to restore the misaligned or fix the pain. Thomas Gehrmann suggests, to avoid downhill running, jumping or kickboxing as it may make your arthritis issues worse. It is advisable to start with jogging, stationary bikes, and slow moves. Also, when you feel ease in pain, automatically the length of the workouts increases.

5. Strengthen Inner & Outer Thighs

Both the inner and outer thighs are another muscle group that will help to support the hips. In case of arthritis, work on building the muscles in outer thigh that will add support. Lie on one side while lifting the leg and hold it for 3-4 seconds and then lower it. Make one set of 15 repetitions and slowly try increasing it to 4-5 sets. Surely this will help to fix the hip pain from bursitis. Moreover, it will help in protecting cushioning in the joints and makes your joints inflamed.

Wrapping Up

These are the simple and basic techniques one can try for getting relief from hip pain. According to Thomas Gehrmann, easy exercises including stretching and strengthening inner and outer thighs will help you a lot in reducing your ache.

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chiropractic care during pregnancy

Thomas Gehrmann | Need of Chiropractic Care during Pregnancy

As we all know, aches and pain in the lower back are the common symptoms that pregnant women experiences. According to many experts, to heal such pain and other issues during pregnancy, chiropractic care treatment is the key. Whether it is about the health of the spinal column or alignment of joints, it provides various benefits. For childbearing mothers, it proves much beneficial and safe during pregnancy and postpartum as well.

Let’s have a glance at some of the main reasons to use Chiropractic care during pregnancy with Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractor from Colorado Springs

1. Treatment for aches and pains during Pregnancy

It is found that pregnant women experience back pain or another kind of aches during pregnancy. It is very common in childbearing women that can be treated through Chiropractic care. Painkillers are found to offer temporary relief to this problem, but through chiropractic, you can get identify the root cause of pain. It helps in a natural way of diagnosing and treating the pain and get you relief.

2. Less risk of Back labor

On surveying, it was found that chiropractic help can undoubtedly lower the chances of getting pain from back labor. It is one way of naturally treating the back labor ache.

In many cases, there are more chances to experience back labor, if one experiences pain during pregnancy. Thus, to avoid certain circumstances, Chiropractic treatment can help in easily. As it aids in lowering pain from back labor and other aches in the body.

3. Ensures optimal positioning during Pregnancy

Chiropractic care also helps to promote optimal fetal positioning, by improving pelvic and spinal alignment. Surely, this improvement in positioning will automatically help in faster and easier labor says, Thomas Gehrmann. Also, this technique helps in lowering the risk of a cascade of interventions and avoid the risks of C-sections. Risk-free and gentle treatment of getting turn the fetus like an external cephalic version. It relaxes the body of the fetus and helps in its proper functioning too.

4. Fast Postpartum Recovery

Pelvis and spine undergo changes during pregnancy and postpartum needs faster recovery. Deformities caused in the spine can lead to effect throughout the body in many ways. Chiropractic care is a way of naturally identifying the root cause and treating the problem accordingly. It helps in improving body functions and heal your body internally and offers fast postpartum recovery. Also, reducing the risks of back labor, which is mostly experienced by expecting mothers.

5. Make the Immune system strong

Chiropractic treatment also makes the immunity of the body much stronger and self-healing. According to experts including Thomas Gehrmann from Colorado Springs, people who undergo this treatment usually have greater immunity than who do not. Hence, this treatment is advisable for pregnant women to have a safe and sound pregnancy and the postpartum period as well. Moreover, they can expect a healthy baby with easier, faster labor, and delivery.

Final Words

Indeed, Chiropractic treatments can help in a number of ways like lowers the risk of back labor, make the immune system much stronger. According to Colorado Springs Chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann, it is beneficial for fast postpartum recovery and also heals pains during pregnancy period.

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drug addiction recovery

Role of Chiropractic Care in Drug Addiction Recovery

According to Thomas Gehrmann a Chiropractor from Colorado Springs, addiction to something like drugs is a type of disease that can impact the physical, spiritual and psychological health of a person. Drug Addiction has become a serious threat and a concerning issue facing our country. It can make a person to suffer from an abnormal craving for drugs or similar other fatal things. While looking for its remedies, we come across a treatment called Chiropractic care. This is a natural phenomenon dealing with addiction recovery treatment.

With Thomas Gehrmann, let us know how exactly drug addiction recovery works using Chiropractic Care

How Chiropractic treatment treat drug addiction?

drug addiction treatment using chiropractic

Chiropractic treatment is gaining popularity in the field of treatments of all forms. A spine combines of neurotransmitters that act as connections. These connections play the role of wires that carry information between the brain and all the body parts. Pleasure, pain and other movements are transmitted through the same wire. Chiropractic Care involves correcting the misalignments existing in the spinal column. These alignments are responsible for the correct functioning of the nervous system. Functions of this cure constitute-

Recovery of misalignments

This medical cure can cause the spine to relieve the pressure and tells the nerves to send the correct signal at a particular time. It can really cure the problem of subluxations up to much extent, which helps in their drug addiction recovery. As when the info is sent properly through neurotransmitters, people tend to resist cravings and even addiction. This, in turn, can help in correcting subluxations efficiently.

Drug addiction and Brain

 Drug addiction is a much-complicated addiction, as it makes quitting much harder. While someone is addicted to a fatal thing like drugs, the brain becomes dependent and can’t resist to it. If someone tries to leave the addiction that can lead to anxiety, insomnia, headaches or maybe deadly too. Thus, when someone tries to leave drugs first of all it is important to restore the chemistry of the body. Thomas Gehrmann says for all of the reasons stated, Chiropractic treatment is implemented to cure.

Subluxations Effects

This treatment can cure subluxations that is responsible for damaging the spine and nerves within it. These misalignments when caused can lead to the improper functioning of the neurotransmitters. Chiropractic can cure reactions and help to regulate the functioning of the body. It ensures that the signals transmitted by the nerves carry the right information to the brain to function properly.

Physical and mental peace

When we think of attaining physical as well as mental peace, Chiropractic treatment can help. Its sessions can be effective to make people relax, refreshed for achieving inner peace. Moreover, there are no side effects and is a safe process of dealing with stress or any type of addiction.

Benefits of Chiropractic treatment

chiropractic treatment benefits

This medical treatment can help to build a strong foundation for the recovery of drug addiction of any type. It will also help in restoring emotional equilibrium and gets you inner sense of peace and calm. This, in turn, will help a person process their emotions in a positive way and attain clarity of mind. It proves much beneficial in alleviating the physical pain, improved mental performance, increase oxygen level, improved blood circulation etc.

Wrapping up

Chiropractic treatment is highly advisable for curing drug addiction program and also similar deadly addictions. Thomas Gehrmann says, if you are trying to resist a type of addiction, you can go for a good Chiropractor.

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Chiropractor Tips to Prevent Neck Pain at Work

Are you one of those who is dealing with back or neck pain in everyday life? Almost every third individual out of ten suffers from neck pain at work. It happens when you sit at work for long working hours in the wrong posture. To fix this problem and to avoid major complications it is necessary for you to improve your posture. Walking or sitting with the straight back not only makes you look confident but also prevent your neck and back pain.

Let’s explore ways to prevent neck pain at work with the expert Thomas Gehrmann.

Maintain good posture

maintain good posture

While sitting at the office desk make sure you keep your spine in a neutral position with ears exactly above your shoulders. The back should be in a straight position against the chair. To keep the angle of thigh slightly down you need to adjust the height of the chair. It will help you to allocate your lower body weight through your sit bones.

Consider the height of monitor and keyboard placement

height of monitor and keyboard

According to expert Thomas Gehrmann, it is very important to consider the height of monitor and keyboard placement while working at work. Make sure you place your monitor at a position to prevent your neck from inclined forward. And keep the keyboard at the height which allows you to keep your arm in 90- degree position. In case the monitor is placed at a lower position, you need to lower your neck which increases tension on your spine. Similarly, if you placed a keyboard at a lower position it will lead your shoulder to more rounding position.

Take a small interval and stand up for a while

An individual should never restrict his body to stay in one position for a longer duration as it can cause stiffness in the internal functioning of the body. Also, it is not easy for anyone to maintain a good posture for a longer period. Therefore, it is advisable to stand up after a small interval like after an hour or so and take a small walk around. Taking small breaks and walking around will ask to keep you fresh and active throughout a day and reduce the risk of neck pain. Nowadays most individual use fitness band that comes with idle alert, which reminds you by vibrating your wrist to get up from the chair.

Try not to use cellphones at work

When we use our cellphones we bend our spine to message at the workplace. Therefore, according to experts, we should avoid using cellphones at work. It not only distract us from work but also make you bend again and again towards the touchscreen of your phone. Bending down towards phone affect your spinal and shoulder to a great extent. So it is advisable not to use cellphones much at a workplace and keep your back in a straight position while working.

Bottom Line

So these are the few best tips from the expert chiropractor Thomas Gehrmann to avoid neck pain and back pain at work. These tips will not only help you to improve your posture but also help you to stay physically fit. Also, remember your body weight plays a key role in improving your posture. Overweight people find more difficulty in maintains a correct posture which led to increasing lower back pain. Therefore, while fixing a posture make sure you maintain accurate body weight as well.

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