Deal with Chronic Pain

Manage Chronic Pain without Painkillers

Learn how to manage chronic pain effectively without the need for painkillers from Thomas Gehrmann, an experienced chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

Painkillers have been the first go-to of anyone experiencing chronic pains today.  But what if you manage these pains without the need of gulping those pills down the throat. From headaches to backaches, to pain gotten during an accident’s pains, chronic pains are diverse, and they become chronic when they last for three months. As much as the pains are of different types, managing it comes with different options as well. Combining these options can thus produce a good result in the long run and help in the relief of the pain. Reports have shown that more than 50 million Americans are affected by chronic pain that is why we see it as a duty to point out people other alternatives of managing pain says Thomas Gehrmann.  “Although pain killers have been known to produce effective short-term solutions, patients are however more liable to be addicted due to prolonged use while some might have side effects in the long run” Dr. Gehrmann adds. 

Here are ways to ease chronic pain without taking painkillers:

1. Exercise

While this might be the last thing you want to hear especially when the body hurts, however, exercise has always been the key to strong healthy muscles and bones says Thomas Gehrmann. Therefore, being inactive can be opening doors to more pain, weaker muscles and body degeneration. Reports have also shown that exercising can ease pain by boosting muscle tone, strength, and flexibility. Introduce your body to these activities slowly and steadily and simple exercises such as swimming, walking, biking (among others) are a good way to start. Plus, consider exercise as a painkiller, thanks to the endorphins that are being released. 

2. Physical Therapy

There might not be that one solution for chronic pain relief, but physical therapy has been proven to be very effective over the years. Your physical therapist can create a program that is suitable for your needs and will incorporate various techniques that helps improve movement and body functioning. These techniques can be massage, manual therapy, cold laser therapy, joint and bone manipulation and so much more. Your therapist teaches you how to effectively care for your body, increase strength and deal with pain. 

3. Stress Management

These pains don’t come alone but with other issues such as depression, inability to sleep, and some other low feelings. Therefore, stress management can be a good place to start managing chronic pain. See the bright side of life and involve in activities that can help you to unwind, relax and forget life challenges. After all, if the mind isn’t in good shape, the overall body will also suffer from it says Thomas Gehrmann. These activities can simply be meditation, yoga, or massage. 

4. Acupuncture

This technique originated from China and it has gain popularity over the years due to the effectiveness in pain management. This involves the piercing of different parts of the body with needles to increase the flow of energy. The thought of sticking needles in the body alone can be terrifying but it has proven to help soothe pain and hasten the healing process. However, care should be taken as patients can be more prone to the risk of disease, bleeding, and other issues from the piercing.

Hip Pain

Causes and Treatment for Hip Pain

Although commonly found in adults and females, hip pain is not limited to age or sex. From temporary hip pain to chronic ones like cartilage breakdown, hip pain treatments can be short term or long-standing. However, having pain in any part of the body either severe or mild is not something to ignore. From difficulty in bending, to stiffness while climbing stairs, to limping, the daily lives are hampered. If this is you, hear what an expert Thomas Gehrmann has to say about hip pain, causes, and treatment. 

What are the causes of hip pain?

Pain can come from the outside or inside of the hip, outer buttocks, lower thighs or it can even be coming from your lower back or lower abdomen. Hence, being a condition that is caused by a variety of issues, knowing the causes of hip pain can be difficult to define. “The hip is a ball-and-socket joint that is strong and highly stable for legs and upper body movement,” says Thomas Gehrmann, a renowned Chiropractor in Colorado Springs.

Over time, the overall makeup of the hip can get tired due to wear and tall and result in hip pain. “Sometimes, pin in the hip can also be as a result of fall or injury or even a deformity someone is born with. Understanding where the pain is coming from and the causes are the first steps in treatment” says Thomas Gehrmann. However, the most common conditions and causes of hip pains are:  arthritis, hip fractures, Trochanteric bursitis, muscle and cartilage tears, osteoporosis, tendonitis, cancer, and osteomyelitis 

When should you see a doctor?

Before visiting a doctor, it is important to take note of where the pain is coming from. Healthcare makes use of physical examination, history and other medical examinations such as X-rays to diagnose the problem. Visit the doctor immediately if you:

  • Fell and you felt a crack in the hip bone
  • Have difficulties performing daily activities such as climbing the stairs, bending
  • Experience pain or soreness when you sleep over the hips, walk or move the leg
  • Can’t bear heavyweight

Treatment of hip pain

Hip pains treatment depends on the cause and the degree of pain. While some can be treated with over the counter medication or pain reliever, chronic ones might require a hip replacement. Besides, there are some that require patients to take enough sleep, exercise, massage, or simply cold application. Some hip pains like the ones caused by strains on tendons or tendinitis can be managed at home and relieve with over-the-counter medications such as anti-inflammatory medications.  

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Technology Improves Musculoskeletal Health

Maintaining Musculoskeletal Health using Technology

Technology is already fusing into society. From the effect on our daily lives to the educational sector to businesses to health. There is simply no means of escape. According to Thomas Gehrmann, chiropractic treatment can be said to be the diagnosis and manual treatment of the joints that are not properly in alignment. Anyway, chiropractic treatment has surpassed the manual (manipulative treatment), technology has found its way through. There have been more advanced innovations helping specialists with information’s to take care of the patient’s Musculoskeletal Health. Not only in healthcare, it has also extended to other areas such as chiropractic and physiotherapy which before relies heavily on manual therapy.

Here is Thomas Gehrmann, a well-known chiropractor in Colorado Springs to help us understand how technology is being used to improve the Musculoskeletal Health. Read on!

Musculoskeletal Health Maintenance

Musculoskeletal issues are the leading cause of disability and the second leading cause of morbidity worldwide. 

The musculoskeletal system involves the muscles, tendons, bones, joints and other systems that help us to move the body and maintain the right form or posture says Thomas Gehrmann. Any musculoskeletal disorders will not only affect these systems, but it can also result to nerve damage. This has a lot of consequences including an inability to move the whole or part of the body (paralysis). That is why it is very important to maintain adequate musculoskeletal health. 

Technology in Musculoskeletal Health

Chiropractors treat patients having neuromusculoskeletal issues in regards to the nerves, muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments. They use a holistic approach, they don’t prescribe drugs or injections but rather treats patients naturally.

The digital tools and equipment used are there to improve patients’ health and promote active rehabilitation. Patiently health is evaluated objectively as these technologies provide the necessary information for diagnosis and provision of adequate care. 

It is more important for companies to embrace these equipment, manual manipulation is no more reliable, and the need to support it with the right technology is inevitable. Not only does it improves the overall health of the patient, they are also cost-effective in the long run.  

What are the Technology-based treatments in musculoskeletal health? 

Technology is morphing and expanding and those that are around today (and still emerging) are here to turn things around in musculoskeletal care.

The introduction of imaging modality about 60 years ago in the form of x rays have giving us a glimpse of what is happening in the human body. However, due to its limitation, there have been advancements and innovations to perform better diagnostic functions and high-resolution information. In healthcare settings, ultrasound (X-ray, CT, and MRI) has become an invaluable asset. 

Generally, it is uncommon for patients not to receive Spinal Decompression Therapy. This is a nonsurgical treatment that is used for pain management in patients suffering from back pain, injured spinal roots or joints problems. 

In a time where many therapy modalities are failing, extracorporeal shockwave therapy is also here to treat chronic pain problems associated with the musculoskeletal system. This is a technology that has now been widely embraced by sport medicine practitioners, orthopedists, physiotherapists and chiropractors alike. Pain relief is made faster and mobility restoration is made easy, thanks to this therapy. The shock wave produces high energy that is transported to painful spots and tissues. It facilitates faster tissue restoration and reformation of the tendons and bones. 

3D printed insoles is also a game-changer that is cost-effective, increase orthotic effectiveness and perform countless functions. Orthoses are not something uncommon and have been in use for numerous years by podiatric in the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of the diseases of the human foot. Powered with 3d technology or additive manufacturing, these custom made insoles offer more advantages uniquely for the individual foot. The chiropractors are few among many who have incorporated 3D printed insoles in their regimen to treat patients.

Final Words

There are many innovations to explore but these few ones given by Thomas Gehrmann should be adopted by health practitioners in order to provide the best for their patient’s Musculoskeletal Health.

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How to Improve Your Shoulder Mobility

The big, muscular shoulder is the new sexy in the fitness world, and this can be the reason why fitness enthusiasts involved in the bench press, shoulder press, go back the following day for more shoulder workout, then turn it into a routine. If this is you, you might probably be neglecting the important part- shoulder mobility. Until pains are growing from mild to severe, an inability to stretch, move or function properly, then the need to work shoulder mobility arises. Don’t wait till all these happen, shoulder mobility is part of what you need for proper functioning and it is all part of that ‘sexy shoulder’. Here is what Thomas Gehrmann, a reputable chiropractor in Colorado Springs, has to say about your shoulder mobility and the ways to get it right.  

Why shoulder mobility is important

The shoulder, being the greatest and the most mobile human joints of the body are also the most injured part. Unlike the hip which relies on bones, the shoulders rely on tendons, muscles, and ligaments to function properly and remain mobile

The shoulder performs different functions. It gives a range of motion to the arm and allows the strengthening of the upper body. From lifting of the arm above the head, extending the arms to the back, the importance of shoulder mobility either for practice or everyday lives cannot be overemphasised

Not only that, if Squat is your thing in the gym, you need good shoulder mobility even though squat focuses on the lower-body movement. 

Problems in the shoulders just don’t happen overnights, they develop over time. If placing your hand above your shoulders seems impossible you might be having some mobility problems. 

Stability and mobility are both important and it doesn’t require much to have a mobile, happy, injury-free shoulders, here are exercises to get you on the right track. 

Best exercises to increase shoulder mobility

Shoulder Car

This is a quick warm-up mobility exercise to incorporate into your routine. It improves warm-ups, develops soft-tissue to help joint movement and meets your workout demands.


Stay in a straight tall kneeling position while squeezing the fist and the glutes. This will tell you if the other part of the body isn’t involved.

Move the shoulder joint in a rotational range of motion as far as you can go. Ensure the rest of the body isn’t bending or moving.

Come back to the starting position and repeat. 3-5 reps of this exercise on each side will do.

Back to the wall

This is great either as a warm-up, in between exercises or a good way to take a break if you have been sitting, or standing for long. It can be done anywhere and it works on the upper back and shoulder mobility. 

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chiropractic care

Chiropractic Care with Thomas Gehrmann

Experience natural, innovative health care solutions to help you feel great through all stages of life using chiropractic care with Thomas Gehrmann.

Gehrmann Chiropractic clinic exists to educate and align patients towards optimal health through natural chiropractic care. They make this possible by empowering their patients to take an active role in their personalized care.

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physical activities for elderly parents

Motivate Elderly Parents using Physical Activities

So your parents are getting older, it doesn’t mean a full stop to life. It’s not just for them to exist but to live! Either you are afraid of your parents falling off or getting injured, or you simply don’t see reasons for your seniors to engage in physical activities says Thomas Gehrmann. Maybe life has been busy and there is simply no time for such. Your thoughts might be ‘mama is too old to get fit” Whatever category you belong, it’s high time you have to rethink about your elderly parents health!

The benefits of physical activities as we get older are endless. Physical activities help fight off diseases, obesity, keep balance and help regain rapidly from illness. Moreover, it helps old people to live longer and more importantly there is always something fun and interesting to do every day. What better way to keep the body, mind, soul and even memory intact than physical activities. 

Thomas Gehrmann– a renowned and experienced Chiropractor shares his knowledge on the physical activities that can improve your elderly parent’s health. Read on!

1. Taking a Walk

Walking is an activity anyone can do but still, we underestimate its importance. Taking few minutes to walk daily can help improve balance and burn excess calories. Walking with your senior every day is a good form of socialization that can help keep loneliness and depression at bay says Thomas Gehrmann

2. Dancing can also Improve Elderly Parents Health

Your parents aren’t that active to shake their body or they do not know how to? It doesn’t matter Taking them to dance classes is a fun way to stay healthy. Increased blood circulation, interesting way to lose excess fat, increase strength and balance, uplifts the mood: an all in one package. Moreover, they will get to meet good people and socialize. 

3. Swimming

Swimming is one great physical activity to improve your elderly parent’s health. It helps fight off heart and lung diseases as it makes the heart stronger. It is also great for cardiovascular health and helps improves their posture. “Disability is not an excuse not to swim. A disabled parent can take support to help them swim effectively”-says Thomas Gehrmann.

4. Bike riding

To parks, to nearby restaurants, to visit nearby family friends, ditch cars for bike riding. Cycling is a fun leg workout that will keep the body in shape, reduce the risk of diseases and increase overall health. 

5. YOGA is best for Elderly Parents

With no heavy stress, the body, muscle and the mind are put to work effectively without hassle. The stretching and breathing exercises can help reduce joint pain, increase strength, reduce stress and help sleep better.  Yoga is one exercise that is not limited to age and a good way to stay healthy.

6. Travel

Who says they are too old to travel? Who says they also do not want to experience the beauty of new places? Loneliness and depression are major emotional disorders that old people suffer from. An escape to another city can help improve their mood, breathe in new air and have fun. Instead of being a couch potato, why not surprise them with a ticket to boat cruising or a lazy afternoon on the beach. It’s time for some family day out.

Final Words

For your elderly parents health, you have a lot of roles to play. Not only because you want your loved ones to stay with you longer, but also to stay healthy while at it- says Thomas Gehrmann.

Thomas Gehrmann-Joint Mobility Exercises

Thomas Gehrmann | Joint Mobility Exercises

Adequate joint mobility allow us to perform a daily activities like jumping or running and also reduced chances of stiffness, aches, and even arthritis. If you are involving in exercises but still cannot reach the desired exercise goal, have control over the range of motion or you get injured quite easily. Chances are, you are more focused on flexibility than mobility.  Thomas Gehrmann-, an experienced chiropractor since the year 1999 explained that the joint has no direct supply of blood, unlike the muscles. Therefore, it relies solely on movements for proper functioning. 

Let us take a look at some of the exercises Thomas Gehrmann suggested that can help improve joint mobility

Exercises that can Improve Joint Mobility

A daily morning exercise will help increase the joint mobility, increases your performances and makes your new formed habit of exercising more fun. A good rule of thumb is to try out this exercise daily in the morning says Thomas Gehrmann. This awakens the joints that have been tensed after long hours of sleeping. Not only that, it will reduce soreness, prevent aches and make you steady and fit throughout the day.

1. Neck Circles to Improve Joint Mobility

Postural deficiencies such as forward- head posture can result in stiffness at the back, neck, and tension at the cervical area. Spending a lot of time behind the screen or on smartphones can give birth to this deficiency. Therefore, the more need why we need to exercise the neck region.

How to do this exercise

  • Spread your feet apart in proportional to your shoulder at an upright position. 
  • Lay your arms at rest at your sides with a face in the front
  • Gently move your right ear to the right shoulder, bring it to lay on your chest
  • Bring your left ear to the left shoulder and bring it back to lay on the chest.
  • Repeat this for like 5- 10 times and then begin with the left ear to continue the process. 

2. The backstroke

Sitting all day in the office can come with a lot of discomfort. That is why these exercises are vital for health.  Backstroke is a term coined for swimming and it’s the best way of preventing slumping postures. It helps put the shoulders, joints, and arms at work.

How to do this exercise

  • Take an upright position
  • Locked the shoulders and the arms as you swing the arms in the rotation
  • Circle it backward without the torso moving along with it.
  • Try raising the biceps close to the ears without raising the shoulders. 
  • Interchange accordingly with the other arms.
  • Repeating 10 – 20 times each arm should suffice.

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improve sports performance

Thomas Gehrmann | Boost Sports Performance with Chiropractic Care

Can chiropractic care magnify sports performance? Do gymnasts administered by chiropractors achieve distinct performance benefits from distinct therapy methods and/or objectives? According to Thomas Gehrmann, these questions have been requested sporadically in chiropractic and chiropractic related advertisements and articles, and even less frequently have explanations been postulated.

Nevertheless, it is not surprising that three-quarters of all pro-level coaches suggest their players to chiropractors. And an approximated 90% of world-class players in all sports seek chiropractic care to recover from and prevent injuries, as well as to maximize their performance.

Thomas Gehrmann – a licensed chiropractor in Colorado Springs – shares some of the benefits related to sports performance using Chiropractic Care.

1. Increased Reaction Time

Various researchers have found that chiropractic has a decisive impact on reaction time, improving players react more promptly to their contestant’s activities. For example, one research issued in the journal Trials included 120 special-operation military personnel, individuals with remarkably dynamic roles. After just one session, the participants acquiring chiropractic care were capable to complete a complicated whole-body motor response task in a more limited time.

2. Reduce Usage of Drugs and Medication

Players who are under pressure to perform may expose themselves to taking added medicine than they are filled with. While medicine and conventional therapeutic appointments are important after some injuries, several players prefer to withdraw medication whenever feasible. In situations like these, chiropractic care may present a cure without drugs or invasive therapies. It is advisable by the chiropractor, Thomas Gehrmann to use chiropractic care as a supplement or a dilemma instead of traditional medication.

3. Undo Damage to the Body

Great appearance maintains a prolonged direction toward enhancing your play and limiting damages from sports. Inadequate blemishes in the alliance of your spine can compound petite obstacles in your body, altering insignificant errors into major problems. A chiropractor can benefit correct alliance difficulties and enhance your overall sports performance.

4. Sports Performance Recovery

Even if your sports performance or efforts don’t result in damage, they can still take a lot out of you says Thomas Gehrmann. Your body is approximately forever in some sort of recovery, and as with injury prevention, proper spinal and joint alliances improve the efficacy of the process. Nevertheless, spinal administration isn’t all that chiropractic offers. It’s efficient at healing alliance and dodging annoyances within the body, and other treatments complement the effectiveness of your adjustments, too. Massage, cryotherapy, and electrical stimulation can each contribute to faster healing and recovery.

5. More Accelerated Recovery from Concussions

Concussions and their consequent neck pain are a significant concern for players, with the Brain Injury Research Institute predicting that as many as 3.8 million recreation-related concussions transpire each year within the United States alone. Whitelaw and his team have found that chiropractic helps diminish the player’s rehabilitation time from this variety of Injuries.

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foot exercises for back pain

Thomas Gehrmann | Back Pain Relief Using Foot Exercises

Back pain is a quite frequent infirmity which influences all age span. Pain in the lower part of the back is generally referred to as Lumbago says Thomas Gehrmann. It can be characterized as medium to intractable pain or distress in the area of the lower back. There are numerous causes of low back pain, but the most frequent causes of backache involve a poor posture, inappropriate lifting technique, obesity, mild trauma from athletic activities, etc. There are only a few peoples that are cognizant of the fact that our feet can play an influential role in contributing to the pain in the back.

Let’s explore the 5 effective foot exercises that can help you lower your back pain with Thomas Gehrmann, Colorado Springs Chiropractor.

1. Ankle Circles

Simply as feet get overlooked, so do ankles. Nevertheless, having mighty and adjustable ankles is a key to withdraw back pain and joint pain because vulnerable ankles manage to congeal up and that commences to prolonged pressure elsewhere on our body. For this activity solely lay on your spine and bring one leg up over your head says Thomas Gehrmann. Turn the ankle around clockwise for a count of 10, then change directions and twist counterclockwise for another 10. Switch legs and repeat, intend to do these 3x/day.

2. Toe pressing Exercise

Toe pressing helps to increase and regulate the flow of blood in our and thus helps us to lower and get relief from the back pain. In order to do this exercise, all you have to do is to stand vertical on the ground including bending your joints and grasp the ground with spiked toes. Retain this posture for 3 seconds and repeat it 10 times, for each foot. Implementing this technique on a daily basis will surely help you to get relief from the back pain. 

3. Toe Walking

According to Thomas Gehrmann, toe walking is one of the most attractive and preeminent ways to strengthen the muscle in appendages and anklebones. The name of the exercise tells a lot more about it. Just utterly stand up on the tips of your toes and walk for at most succinct approximately for 15-20 seconds. Get down off your tiptoes and relax for a substantial 10 seconds or so. Performing 6 repetitions in a day will show you good results within a confined period of time. 

4. Upward stretching

Upward stretching can also help you in getting relief from the backache. All you have to do is sprawl down on the ground and extend your legs. Enclose your paws with a cloth and put them upwards, including knees straight. Retain the posture when the knee straightens with your head. Do the equivalent for the other leg. Performing this exercise twice a day will definitely show you the intermediate results. 

5. Foot massage for Back Pain

Massage is one of the perfect ways to get relief from stress and pain. Whether it may be your arm, head, toes or back it will definitely show you its positive results. And in order to get relief from back pain by implementing foot exercises just keep a tennis ball on the ground and with your heels on it, start to push it ahead and back. A very relaxing, and jaunty massage will help diminish soreness and pain. 

Final Words

According to an expert – Thomas Gehrmann, these are simple and effectivefoot exercises that can help you to get relief from the back pain within a limited amount of time. And these exercises can diminish soreness and pain in short period of time.

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Chiropractic Treatment

Thomas Gehrmann | Chiropractor Treatment Guide

Most people think chiropractic treatment is only helpful in healing aching backs. No doubt chiropractic most often used for treating complaints of the back and neck, but it works on all bones and joints of the body. These including the arms, legs and jaw, even symptoms produced by bones in the ears can also treat by chiropractic.

Chiropractic treatment that you may not know with Thomas Gehrmann, Colorado Springs Chiropractor.


BPPV is considered as one of the most common causes of dizziness and vertigo-type symptoms. According to experts including Thomas Gehrmann, Colorado Springs Chiropractor, it is usually caused by debris in the semicircular canals of the ear. In simple words, BPPV typically involves sudden events of dizziness that remain for 10-20 seconds after a change in the position of the head. People usually experience this type of vertigo when going from bending forward to lying to sitting to rolling over in bed or even just moving the head. You may find various repositioning exercises that can help in the debris and relieve the symptoms, but the specialist will recommend such therapy only after the diagnosis. Therefore, when you find such a symptom, it is advisable to get a complete examination before starting therapy. It will help you in getting better and which results from the chiropractic treatment.

2. CTS

When we talk about CTS condition, you will find numbness, tingling, and other symptoms in the hands. Usually, the reason behind this problem is a compressed median nerve in the wrist. Continuous hand motions or positions, for instance, bad biomechanics while typing, possibly bring swelling and inflammation at the wrist and sometimes irritation of the nerve. You may experience repetitive numbness or tingling that becomes more consistent over time as a most common symptom. Practitioner suggests an evaluation test to confirm CTS. Possibly there will be many different types of tests that may include orthopedic tests, a nerve conduction test, etc. Once the diagnosis CTS, he will suggest and perform a chiropractic adjustment of the wrist says Thomas Gehrmann.

3. Ear Issues Can Be Treated Using Chiropractic Treatment

Sometimes when you deal with an illness or infection, fluid gets stuck in the middle ear cavity and creates a breeding ground for bacteria and/or viruses. In most cases, chronic ear infections typically trouble children at a younger age. In such a situation, doctors recommend an examination, which helps in observing the eardrum, to find out if there is fluid buildup in the middle ear. And if the fluid is there, this is possible because of tight muscles which surround the Eustachian tube. It is basically a canal that connects and make drainage possible. When it comes to improving drainage, it is possible with conservative techniques of Chiropractor that help in relaxing the muscles, hence opening the Eustachian tube.

Final Thoughts

Not only this, chiropractic treatment useful in many other cases as well. The actual benefit of chiropractic treatment is possible when you approached the licensed chiropractor with a good number of experiences like Thomas Gehrmann. Because they offer you treatment only after your proper examination and evaluation. If you have anything to ask or share regarding chiropractic treatment and symptoms, you can write below in the comment box.

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