Why is Chiropractic a key to Live Healthily?

Did you know Chiropractic is the largest complementary & alternative health profession in North America and the third largest healthcare profession in the United States? A skilled chiropractor like Dr. Thomas Gehrmann finds misalignment in your spine which may be compromising the function of your nervous system. Your muscles and nerves work together to keep you healthy. When neuromuscular block impedes the normal flow of nerve communication, the result may be dysfunction or a state of dis-ease.

Have you ever felt stress that impedes how you function on a daily basis? A skilled chiropractor may be able to relieve that tension and help restore relaxation and balance to your body. Relaxation feels inherently good to your body, doesn’t it?

A visual and kinesthetic example of this block is when a wire is connected to a light bulb. If the block is severe enough, the light flickers. What do you think happens when a nerve is blocked by a vertebrae? Your organs and muscles may not receive the essential energy needed to function, during the day. Your blood vessels are also guided by nerve flow.

The picture is coming together, of why a healthy spine and nervous system is really your key to health and relaxation. At Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic we do not fix or cure anything. We work to help restore proper align and allow the body to heal itself. We are skilled at finding spinal misalignments which may be causing stress to your nervous system and relieving that tension with effective treatment. We also help alleviate the symptoms of lower back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, sciatica, pinched nerves, migraines and headaches, bulging disc, herniated discs, and many other pains. At Thomas Gehrmann Chiropractic we also treat sport injuries and injuries related to car accidents.

For more information, visit us at http://www.thomasgehrmann-chiropractor.com.


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